IQVIA Medical Research Database (IMRD)

The IQVIA Medical Research Data (IMRD), formerly known as The Health Improvement Network (THIN), is a dataset that contains clinical patient data recorded from UK practices up to12th January 2021. The dataset consists 19,508,644 patients with 1,479,318,232 encounter records from 832 practices.


To request a dataset from IMRD, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit your project for Scientific Review Committee (SRC) approval by completing the SRC review form and following the steps outlined in the SRC Protocol Requirements document.
  2. Submit your project proposal to the UPenn Institute Review Board (IRB) for approval through HSERA.
  3. Submit your SRC approval, IRB approval, project attestation, and project request specifications to the Clinical Research Informatics Core (CIC) and Digital Academic Research Transformation (DART) for review through the IMRD REDCap survey.
  4. If you need computing and storage on the Penn Limited Performance Computing (LPC), a DART System Administrator will be in contact with you. If you need data query services, a CIC Data Analyst will contact you to review your data needs and proceed through your data query.

Once 3, and 4 if needed, your project will be reviewed within 7 business days.


To make an informed request, please review any IMRD ancillary informational files prior to submitting your project for review for steps 1 and 2.


Once your data query has been reviewed with the CIC analyst and LPC project workspace has been established, you will be provisioned your dataset for storage and analysis. For more information about how to engage in the LPC environment (including topics below), please see the PMACS help page.

  • Establishing PMACS accounts (CHOP research members)
  • Working with the remote LPC environment
  • Locating and accessing your workspace
  • Requesting technical and computing questions
  • Establishing a virtual private network (VPN) and virtual desktop interface (VDI)


For more detailed information about IMRD, please review Chapter 10, “IQVIA Medical Research Data (IMRD).” from the Databases for Pharmacoepidemiological Research. Citation below:


If you are a CHOP investigator that needs a Penn-sponsored account, please submit your request to Institute for Biomedical Informatics (