Artificial Intelligence

A primary goal of IBI is to make artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible and easy for all investigators at Penn Medicine. We have accomplished this through the development of the PennAI platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically carry out machine learning analyses thus making it easier for non-experts access and use this technology. On the clinical side, our Predictive Healthcare Analytics team has developed PennSignals to develop machine learning models for clinical decision support. This brings machine learning to healthcare providers and patients.

Looking for AI assistance? Check out our AI Collaboratory.

Artificial Intelligence projects include:

PennAI brings artificial intelligence (AI) to the Penn community and beyond for easy and intuitive computational analysis of data for classification and regression using automated machine learning (AutoML).

PennSignals was developed by Dr. Bill Hanson , Chief Medical Information Officer, and the Predictive Healthcare Analytics team to provide machine learning models for clinical decision support.