Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is the innovation hub of the institute with activities that include the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence, data integration, and visual analytics methods and software which facilitate research with biomedical and clinical data. These resources can be adopted for use by individual research labs or accessed through the IBI services. Central to the Idea Factory is the Idea Space, Penn’s first immersive interactive computing and data visualization facility. Our overarching goal is to make it easy and intuitive for investigators to access biomedical and clinical data, perform artificial intelligence and machine learning analyses, and visualize and interpret results.

Idea Factory projects include:

Carnival is a data unification technology that aggregates and semantically enriches (encodes the meaning of) data from disparate sources into a unified property graph resource and provides tools to reason over and interact with that resource.

TURBO stands for Transforming and Unifying Research with Biomedical Ontologies. The PennTURBO group accelerates finding and connecting key information from clinical records for research through semantic associations to the processes that generated the clinical data. Discovery of previously unappreciated relations between the data are made possible by these associations.

PennAI brings artificial intelligence (AI) to the Penn community and beyond for easy and intuitive computational analysis of data for classification and regression using automated machine learning (AutoML).

IBI has developed a 3D heatmap application that extends the two-dimensional heatmap into the third dimension.

The IBI Idea Space provides a unique collaboration space with the state-of-the-art technology and visualization resources for Penn faculty, students, and staff.