IBI Idea Factory for Informatics Innovation

The Idea Factory is the innovation hub of the institute with activities that include the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence, data integration, and visual analytics methods and software which facilitate research with biomedical and clinical data. Our goal is to accelerate research discovery with big data by making it easy and intuitive to get from data access and cleaning to analysis and results interpretation.

3D HeatmapRecent projects include PennAI for accessible and open AI-driven machine learning, PennTURBO for data integration using graph databases and biomedical ontologies, and our 3D heatmap that harnesses the power of video game engines for visual analytics. These resources can be adopted for use by individual research labs or accessed through the IBI services.

Central to the Idea Factory is the Idea Space, Penn’s first immersive interactive computing and data visualization facility. This space is use by research teams to visually explore data, educators for class instruction, students for class projects, and IBI faculty for collaborative meetings. To book the Idea Space for your meeting, click here.